Gwyneth and I; we’re like *that*

A little over a week back,  I was setting on a torturous fun school holiday excursion with the kids, to visit dada at work so he could make us lunch and whereby we were catching the tram and train – because, you know, why make it easy and go with one or the other, when both took you directly to your desination … although “easy” is relative, because your options are, really, do the transfer at some seedy location where you try to cling to your handbag, your runnaway toddler, two older kids and your sanity, or use one mode of transport only and listen to “But I wanted to catcht the train as well! Why couldn’t we just catch the train, too. You’re a horrible mother!” and definitely lose your sanity (which is kinda normal on Melbourne public transport anyway).

Anyway, I was waiting for the tram and trying to prevent three children form being run over, when I recevied a call from a colleague of mine, Christie from Kids Business – she needed a “couple of mums for a photo shoot”. Been on her end before, journos needing a group shot and “can you just get a bunch of mums together for the shot”, so I agreed to it.

This, of course, lead to yet another fun tram-catching, three kids in tow, excursion into the City. I wore my oldest jeans for the occasion, anticipating a main shot of Christie, with “token mums” and maybe some kids faffing about behind her. Also, I was on Melbourne public transport. And had three kids with me.

We arrived early, freaked out the security guards at the HWT Tower at Southbank as I looked around for someone I knew, and my kids did soemthing like 1450km in laps of the revolving door. Eventually, we are allowed in – which is nice, as I was expecting to be evicted before I even entered – and find that we are doing some “studio shots” and the “journalist, Wendy, will call you over the weekend to interview you”. Um, right.

Whilst waiting, Chippie unpacked his bag full of wooden Thomas trains and lined them up just outiside the lifts, in an evil bid to damage the ankles of most of the workers in the building, I’m guessing, followed by a full-volume screaming tanty in the lift, because we’d packed his trains up to move to another floor, them promptly unpacked them again and drove them under the lunch table, the desks of other workers and in and out offices. He had a few scattered tanties re the 9 month old baby crawling around, who looked at his trains, picked on up and sucked on it for a bit, and dared come close.

He then got most upset and yelled “STAND UP!” when the bubs crawled off.

Monkey Boy, in the meantime, was carefully plotting how he could abduct the bubs and bring him home with us.

Godzilla just asked and asked and asked and asked …. and asked etc to play his DS.

Finally, we go in for photos, I find I’m windblown and the token makeup I had on that morning was mostly gone. Attempt to patch it up to find half of what I needed was, infact, not in my bag at all.

We have a few photos done … some group ones:

Some individuals shots:

(Thank you to my gorgeous friend, Imogen, and her timely post on “How to pose for photos” – I hope I used them wisely :D)

And the inevitable, shots with kids (as opposed to shooting the kids, which is pretty much where I was getting to at this point; Godzilla was sulking because he was unable to grasp the concept that we needed him for photos and didn’t have time to play his DS, Chippie had managed to remove his shoes and socks and was running around like crazy, including – and especially – in front of the camera, except when we wanted him to, and I’m pretty sure Monkey Boy had stuffed the baby in his pocket …)

After all of that, we went home … via tram and Dad And His Car (although we missed lunch at work) and, this morning … ta da!

The article was published in the Herald Sun Weekend Liftout, entitled Queens of the Blogoshphere, by Wendy Tuohy. And under that, a lovely group shot of the five of us that were there for the photo shoot day!

Only, instead of using the nice one of me, they chose the one where I was smiling and telling the kids off at the same time.

Big thanks to Christie for inviting me along, and to Wendy for the interview (loved chatting to you!) and the article. I do love that I am connected to Gwyneth Paltrow in some way – I will take that accolade anytime :)

(Although, I do hope her writing is like my acting, and my writing is like her acting – that would make me feel good :))

Also have to thank the gorgeous girls who have been so amazingly supportive over at Real Mums – and all my readers and followers on this blog. Love your work!


Photos By: Manuela Cifra! She’s GOOD!