Behind the Scenes: Room to Grow and Stress

I filmed another two segments for Room To Grow today.

Always fun.

It was organised for one segment, but we faced a serious issue. Mainly, I seriously struggle to say very little. It’s a gift. I know. You’re jealous.

Also, the topic was stress, something I clearly know little about. I read about it once. In a book. A long time ago. No experience whatsoever.

So … it turned out I was asked to shorten the script. I solved the problem by making it two. Ok, yes, I did cull quite a bit, but then it became two segments. Thankfully, the producer felt this to be a good idea as we could include more detail over two segments, thus providing more information.

Grumpy Pants abandoned ship with the kids when the crew arrived, and I faffed about feeling useless whilst they took over the lounge and set up the equipment. I really must learn to be more of a prima donna in these circumstances …

I did sweep the floor around them. Mostly because it needed sweeping. I’m hoping its not just me, and that other people also have children who make as much sandy/foody/dusty mess as my kids do. Mess that regenerates; as soon as you sweep an area and clear it of food, dust, sand, dirt, Trashies and dead Stewarts¬†and turn your back, the very same mess appears when you’re not looking.

Of course, I muttered the usual “What the … I swear I just swept this ….” but I doubt anyone really believes it.

Then I stand about and take some photos of one of my new outfits from Mix, whilst the rest of the crew are being very busy and important and worrying about things like lighting, and not whether I can work the word “exsanguinate” into my already set-up-on-the-autocue script.

This is a top I particularly like – comfy!

Because Grumpy Pants has a penchant for being so complimentary, and I had clearly lost my mind, I asked him what he thought of it when I tried it on before he left.

“You look like Chairman Mao,” he’d informed me, charmingly.

See, I told you. Such a way with words …

“Well, as long as everyone fucking remembers that, we’ll all be fine,” I retort.

(The pants are the denim trouser – and SO comfortable! I just need to be a little taller to fit into them :))

One segment finished without too much incident, except reference to Oompa Loompas from the camera man and the entire crew feeling cake in a DVD player was utterly hilarious, and I had to explain, repeatedly, that my very serious segment on stress was very serious and no laughing matter at all!

I got changed for the second segment …

Reviewing my script and being very busy and important. And sensible.

We survived the filming of that segment, too.

Then it was a wrap! Like a chicken one, only much more fun.

The phone beeped a text from Grumpy Pants asking if they can come home yet. I thought I’d better let them.

Then Monkey Boy, being the ever so helpful one, and liking to help me with photos for various things for this blog, and knowing how much I like to show my appreciation for Mix and their support, and being the smartarse with no tact, just like his father, took some photos of my new trousers for me to use …

For those who can’t lip read, I caught him and said “What the … piss off! What are you doing? Go away!”

“I’m just helping and taking photos like you asked me to,” he says.

“Do you like them?” he asks, showing me the previews on the camera. “I tried to take them so your bum looked as big as possible. Good, huh? Aren’t I clever?”