Fitting it ALL in (and a golden nugget experience)

I had scheduled in the filming of another segment for Room To Grow today. Because, well, it was supposed to be done last weekend, but due to my ability to be succinct, my last segment script turned into two, and we had to find more itme …

Grumpy being home, I figured today was a good one; he could do the morning and afternoon swim lesson duty, and I could head off on the just-under-two-hour drive for filming my bit at the producers house. She had the prop we needed; the crawling child.


Turns out, Grumpy had a doctor’s appointment booked, a check up after his heart scare a few weeks back (which turned out to be ‘a virus’) so I got to do the Swimming Lessons With Pre-Schooler. And we all know how much fun that is for me.

This week, it came with the added bonus of excruciatingly sore throat, swollen glands and the wishing to die quickly. I really hurt.

Oh, and that we had to rush home, so I could rush off as soon as I got home, so I could get to my destination as soon as possible, so I’d be home at a reasonable hour and go to bed in order to get better. Sooner. Or something.

To save time, I had showered and blow dried my hair before swimming. Upon leaving the steamy interior of the heated indoor pool area, I was not in the least surprised to find it restyled into frizzy waves.


Grumpy also decided a Family Day was in order instead. So Chippie and I rush home (after an insanely brilliant swimming lesson, with no problems at all – hurrah!) and stuff the family in the car to head off.

Grumpy took the three boys, and an extra, to get fish and chips and for a play so we could get fliming done. I tried to convince myself my hair looked “styled” into waves. Given I have no clue about style and fashion, this was not a hard thing to convince myself.

Convincing everyone else will be the challenge.

My co-host/co-presenter was a dream and behaved accordingly.

Afternoon swimming lessons – and my fading energy levels – had us leaving soon afterwards. At which point, the rain, which had been an unrelenting drizzle from the moment Grumpy Pants walked out the door with four boys, became an absolute downpour. Traffic slowed, visibility reduced significantly and we were home just in time for Lesson Number Two to commence … no swimming lessons tonight then.

As far as dinner went, I had been sent a bag of two of Bird’s Eye sweet potato mini gems to check out … which made thinking about stuff and things much easier.

Twenty minutes later (and with some other stuff I managed to convince the kids to stuff in the oven) we had something that resembled a “meal”.

As anticipated – eleven year old coveted the lot, three year old decided he didn’t like them before tasting them, then having a screaming tantrum when all but three of his had been scoffed by eleven year old, and liking the three he did get and demanding more, then having a screaming tantrum because we had none left.

Nine year old, on the other hand, declared they “tasted funny” which is description of anything new, but ate them anway. Well, he ate what he got, after eleven year old kept sneaking them, thinking I couldn’t see him.


My verdict – nice, they actually tasted like real sweet potato, which, if I’m honest, I hadn’t been expecting.  Worth a try :)

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