Mixed Up Kind of Afternoon

I’m VERY excited.

Mix Apparel have opened at my local Coles! Hurrah!

This is very exciting, as last time I had to drive for aaaaaages to buy stuff. Not today, however. After my lovely morning at the Disney blogging event (and my profuse apologies for bailing Disney lady up and nearly crying on her) I phoned my beloved to see if he needed me to come and pick him up.

As far as our usual efforts to plan go; i.e. where we’d factored that my meeting would conclude at just the right time to go and collect him, my meeting was cancelled and his prodedure was delayed. I had an hour or two to kill.

So Iventured off to Mix at my local Coles to purchase some items for my scheduled segments for Room To Grow. Very specific items were called for. I did pop in yesterday, but had smallest child with me, who insisted rather strongly on obtaining a Little Trolley, which was fine, then buggered off and disappeared completely when I turned my head quarter of an inch away from him.

Then he had a screaming tantrum when we finished shopping, as I made the very, very stupid mistake of clicking the trolley back into the others when he wanted to do it. Stupid really.

Still, I calmly managed to leave Coles, arms loaded – one with groceries, the other with a screaming pre-schooler – without any new, and very specific clothing.

So I went this afternoon, to kill some time whilst I waited the call regarding Grumpy Pants. I was still a little worried about him, so the shopping helped. As it does.

Arrive home, get the call just as I’m about to start a To Do Item and have to ditch it. He, feeling a little woozy, was therefure unable to do Parkour Duty. Thus, a rush in the door after school, stuff face with snacks, and wander off to the tram stop – a much easier journey than driving into the City on a cold, wet, rainy night.

Arrive. It starts to rain. It stops just as the session starts. I love watching them … parkour? So I sit and watch. For about three minutes before I decide I need a hot chocolate, so wander off and get one. Then come and sit on a cold, wet bench to watch. I timed it beautifully.

Yep, at precisely the moment I sat, those gas thingies along the Yarra River, outside Crown Casino, went off. Alwas spectacular.

Also, the sprinkler system adjacent to where I was sitting  turned on.

My bum was cold and wet, and my tits slowly followed as a mist of icy cold, unnecessary sprinkler water made its way towards me, then enfolded me into its misty icy coldness.

Our final adventure for the evening involved Catching The Tram Home From The City On A Firday Night.

Erm … entertaining, to say the least … and there was MUCH explaining to do to Monkey Boy when we hopped off …