Behind The Scenes: Room To Grow – Exercise

Another day of filming for Room To Grow today – the topic is Exercise.

More specifically, it is four segments devoted to showing mums ways in which they can easily incorporate exercise and physical activity into their day.

Please remember, I am totally qualified to present these segments, having many, many years as a fitness and personal trianer and former aerobics instructor. Sadly, my fluoro, g-string , lycra leotards are nowhere to be found, despite the nagging of the camera crew for me to locate them.

And, funnily, suddenly, the toilet is blocked and looking rather irridecent pink. I have no idea why.

Anyhoo, before I start anything, I realise that my new pants only come to my knees and there’s a good chance there’ll be some shots of my legs. After only half a MUG of coffee, and whilst wrapped in a damp towel, husband commentating along the way, I perform a half leg wax on myself. On both legs. Not “half  a leg”. No. The bottom half of both legs. Thank you Nads.

I get on my new, specifically chosen and purchased from Mix Apparel only yesterday, and we set to work.

I must say, I do look the part and am overcome with a sense of healthy wellness and wanting to jog 10k. I made it ten steps before I had to stop and catch my breath, but the sentiment was there.

This is the first exercisey outfit I have purchased since I was hugely preggers with Chippie – and I’m rather impressed. Very comfy and I looooove the top.

(Oh, and as an aside – you can’t see it, but under the aweosme, lightweight, mesh panel, breathable jacket, I’m wearing a racerback seam tank – and a tear came to my eye when I tried it on. You see, it has a ‘shelf’ bra thing on the inside, and this is the first time ever that I’ve put a top like this on and it covered my boobs! Not “just” covered them, either, but fit them in nicely! So happy!)

If nothing else, I looked the part, and know what I’m talking about, so that’s a bonus. We set about filming all kinds of fabulously doable exercises for strength and fitness that you can easily do around the house. We even included some stretching, relaxation and yoga.

I even remembered to include some pelvic floor exercises you can do. Although, I did get a bit of a fright when Elisa (producer/director) said to Tom (cameraman) “Go in for a closeup” as I was doing them (all part of my job) and I thought he was coming in for a closeup of my pelvic floor.

That could have been weird on so many levels.

You’ll be pleased to know he didn’t.

After several hours and what I swear was about 8 billion squats, although Tom assures me was only fourteen, we pack up, reschedule another segment for next weekend – yay! – and I crawl into the bath, mumbling something that may or may not have sounded like “wine” to my beloved … and he brings me one anyway.

Elisa – apparently- will be adding some outtakes to the Room To Grow TV site in the next few days. Given I’m such an exceptional talent, I have no idea where she will even find any outtakes …

Requests have already been made for the Mad Cow’s Exercise DVD’s.

Requests have also been made not to produce these DVDs.

Elisa will be gauging interest – or lack of – in these DVDs by comments on this blog and over on Facebook – and

Once again, it was tough work, a long and tiring day and absolutely LOADS of fun!

I just hope Tom had been doing his pelvic floors … just saying ….

Huge thank you to the fabulously awesome Mix Apparel, who are my official clothing sponsors for Room To Grow – they totally rock it in the making me look presentable department :)