ARGH! Not ANOTHER Parenting Website?!?!?!?!?!


You’ll be very pleased to know fuck no!

Real Mums, rather, is an Australian based website, complete with blog, articles, forums and a bunch of other useful stuff that was  founded in 2005 and has been providing an exceptional and very real alternative to the mainstream parenting fluff and guff you find about the interwebs.

The main point of difference you will discover is that Real Mums is somewhat less baby- or kid-centric and very much Mum- or parent-centric.

You will also find real information about parenting as it applies to what we call Real Life.

Parenting, as far as we’re concerned, isn’t in another box, or stratosphere to the rest of your Life, the world or anything like that. In fact, all those things, like Life and other people and the media and the rest of the world have the propensity to impact upon your parenting and vice versa.

Real Life Parenting is what happens here.

The website, blog and community are all for the Thinking Woman (whom, ideally, has kids – that’s the whole point of the “mums” in the title).

It’s for the Woman who has empathy and understanding for the predicaments of others, who doesn’t just blindly follow what the TV commercials, parenting websites, groups on Facebook or parenting magazines are telling her, the one who stops and thinks before judging others …

It is not for the faint hearted; thoughts, your very values and beliefs and social discourse in general is and will be challenged. You have have access to an unbiased and thoughtful review of common beliefs about parenting, the stories and reports fed to us by mainstream media, and the widespread, swallowed-without-thought perspectives of the “good mother” we’re told we ‘should’ be by the parenting magazines.

You will be treated to secrets, sanity savers and stuff, created by Real Mums for you, a real mum. You will have your Mother Guilt challenged and stripped away so you can be genuinely happy, relatively stress free and enjoy not just parenting, but your life in general.

We’ll bring you information about new and existing products on the market for kids, families, mums and women (yes, because mums are people, too) and provide you with an honest review, so you don’t get sucked or guilted into buying something you don’t need.

Mostly, we’ll bring up common social topics for debate and (judgment free) discussion, stimulate your amazing mind and welcome your comments, input and (judgment free) discussion.

We’re not for bandwagons and repeating what the mainstream media are telling us. We don’t believe parenting is a place of magical pixie fairy advice, where mothering is the “best job in the world” and everyone is happy all the time. We are about making the life you are living in right now more enjoyable, reducing your stress and letting you in on the secrets and sanity savers the parenting experts don’t want you to have.

Enjoy the read and join the discussions about the realities of parenting; where tantrums in shopping centres happen, you go to work with yogurt smeared on the crotch of your pants and you lose your temper and your morning coffee.

Oh, and there are occasionally some awesome giveaways and competitions amongst all the awesome, realistinc, down to earth, raw and honest parenting talk, advice and information!

Warning: Some posts on this blog contain profanity – you know, like the word “Fuck” and stuff like that. It is not intended to be offensive. If, however, you insist on being offended please feel free to visit some other wesbite. Thank you :)

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About our Founder

Amanda003Mad Cow (aka Amanda Cox)

Back in 2005, when Real Mums made it’s initial appearance on the World Wide Web, Amanda was the mother of two boys, then aged 2 and 5, wife to a chef, assisting with the running of the family business (a wedding reception and function venue), deciding whether to continue with her own personal training business and … oh,yeah … studying a degree which she eventually completed, graduating in 2007 with a B.App.Sc. Health Promotion, majoring in Family, Society and Health.

After an emergency C-section, way back at the end of the year 2000, she set about making up for the most horrific and abhorrent neglect of parenting duties, that is “not being able to give birth properly” and feeling like a complete and utter failure by reading every parenting book under the sun.

Her spare time was spent either thinking, through a murky, black haze, of ways to kill herself or, alternatively, trying to talk herself out of killing herself.

It was exhausting, lonely and bloody hard work. This parenting shit was nothing on Postnatal Depression!

Needing a safe place to discuss her experiences, as well as somewhere where she was allowed to have a sense of humour and maybe say ‘fuck’ every now and again, she set about trawling the web for such a place.

There was none.

So she created it.


Since then, it has transformed the lives of many, saved the lives of some and Amanda has become the Go To person for the media when they need a sensible comment for some story or other they’re doing.

Amanda is now a published author, writer, speaker, mum to three boys, still a wife, an advocate for mental health, particularly PND and general depression and, in her spare time, she can be found creating sculptures with leftover WeetBix.

For more about Amanda, please visit her website www.amandacox.com.au or if you like to read, you may like to check out  her personal blog : Diary of a Mad Cow