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Don’t you hate it when

Here I am, “just checking my emails, I’ll be there in a minute” and constantly¬† being interrupted by various others in the house. The most annoying is the “are you coming to make me breakfast” by the biggest one, who has already eaten breakfast. Once I (stupidly, in hindsight) whipped up some poached eggs and […]

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The morning after fall-out

The quite play last night was just that; Quiet, cooperative, fun play. I had no reason to be paranoid, yet my gut was telling me to be wary. I have been mostly lucky, thus far, in relation to “the kids are quiet, they must be up to something”. It was rare that there were up […]

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Of words and wisdom

Quite frankly peeved with Monkey Boy’s smartarsey behaviour this week, particularly in relation to his school work (some of which was sent home for me to look at) I inadvertently became Bitch Mother From Hell. It’s not my fault! They made me! To be fair, the spelling he’d been bringing home to do, whilst age […]

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Heart pounding moments

Of course, the day only got better, after the toilet seat excitement, when I went to access my chocolate coated coffee beans and discovered them gone. Flashbacks to the morning, and¬†recall images of Chippie sitting on the hallway floor, stuffing container (Tupperware of course) of choc coffee beans in the lunchbox compartment of Godzilla’s school […]

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If only chocolate could fix it …

Ah, Easter Sunday, where I am up at some stupid hour starting with the figure 4, getting caught by the six year old as I’m trying excruciatingly hard not to make any noise (damn floorboards!) and attempting to hide behind a door. Wander out into dark, as even the sun is not stupid enough to […]

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And goodnight to all …

After that tiring day, kids all in bed, craziness abated for the moment … but worse was to come. There I was, tidying up and putting a few things away when Grumpy informs me he has to work tomorrow morning. That is, at the time he usually takes Chippie to swimming lessons, and allows me […]

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Cup Day .. and we have planned the day, a family trip to the beach for fish and chips. Of course, it doens’t start well … my newish coffee machine, designed for idiots and sleep deprived mothers, whereby it beeps annoyingly and refuses to work when some element of it hasn’t been inserted properly is […]

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Children are more intuitive than we give them credit for

Sunday morning and I’m completley out of coffee beans. Managed to scrape together a plunger coffee this morning – not ideal, but better than nothing. I had to break the bad news to the kids. “Kids? We have to go for a walk this morning. To the coffee shop to buy some more beans.”” I […]

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Oh the joys

Some fun things about my day: There’s not much more fun than waking up by a baby with a face full of snot. Baby snot will find its way onto your pants, shirt and breakfast toast. Overtired babies find standing in their cot and screaming for hours on end much more relaxing than actually lying […]

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Do you think they’d notice?

Still exhausted, flat and just … weird feeling. I have a conference I’m looking forward to. Or was until earlier this week. Not the conferences fault. The coffee machine sounds like its gone off, though. Wonder if I managed to put all the pieces together properly; you know water to coffee bean ratio, close all […]

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