1 Car, 3 Kids, A Husband, 3000 kilometres, Gangnam Style

You may or may not have noticed, but I’ve taken a little time off. I just returned. Here’s a recap of the week that was …

My mind was going a little crazy; new ideas, the desperate need to get things done before the end of the year (2012, obviously, not 2013. Yet …) and the overwhelm of the need to reschedule my entire life due to the inevitable aging of the children and all that goes with it. Particularly in the education department of their upbringing.

Despite my I Need To Do Some Work frame of mind, I was able to tentatively grip the You Need A Holiday voice, speaking up from the back of the detritus littering my brain.

Thus, a last minute, somewhat spontaneous, Let’s Go On A Family Road Tip, They’re So Much FUN transpired. With slightly less than two days warning.

We were leaving. And that was that.

I rang my dad, because, really, so spontaneous was the concept there was a) little to no accommodation available in the vague direction in which we were headed and b) I hadn’t left much time to think about where we might stay. So I asked if we could come visit him, in his little sanctuary along the northern coast of New South Wales, just south of Port Macquarie.

“We’re on holiday,” he tells me, elaborating on his equally spontaneous road trip with his wife and their caravan.

Buggery, I thought. I would have to be slightly more organised and work out what to do.

“But it’s ok,” he continues. “You can stay there anyway.”


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