10 More Excuses for Not Doing Homework

The homework issue is something that has been a bone of contention in this household for like, ever.

Part of it I put down to the fact that some bright spark determined that homework was a ‘bad’ thing and of ‘no benefit’ to primary school children, and what with our government departments seemingly incapable of considering the idea that perhaps many things are not single-factorial and that there are many other influences and impacts that any given ‘thing’ has, the went all chummy with the white middle class how raise concerns over all manner of things (including the word ‘black’ as it relates to sheep) and instigated homework policies in primary schools.

More to the point, the ‘homework policies’ were more along the lines of ‘no homework policies’ and as a result, a plethora of families with high school students are having the persistent Homework Battle.

In this household (and, I’m sure, plenty of others) we are also blessed with the Challenging Child who has all manner of Homework Adversities and things I won’t go into detail about just now (for his benefit).

Although he is, and always has, done ‘well’ at school, even ‘really, really great’, he is not doing what he is actually capable of. Which I realise is horrifically normally and I’m not complaining nor am I being all upset and shit about it (although I will admit, it frustrates the fuck out of me at times).

He even obtained the Academic Achievement Award for his class at the end of Semester 1 this year for ‘outstanding effort across all subjects’.

Proud, yes, but I also know he could do WAY better.


It was really not a massive surprise, albeit anger-inducing, when I discovered he was a week overdue with a take home task. Words were had. Calm, contained words, and the opportunity for suitable explanation as to why it was not completed and handed in on time.

More to the point, why it was

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