Grumpy Pants is heading off this weekend, camping with his brother and a friend. So that should be nice for them.

And in true Grumpy Pants fashion, he has neglected to provide me with the full details of what is occuring. Or any details, really.

We’d all slept in this morning, so there was the Mad Rush to get everyone organised and off to school and creche. I had several meetings to attend, so was to be gone all day.

At which stage, the only details I’d been given about the trip away were that Grumpy was meeting his brother and going with him.

Until, between meetings, I get a message on my phone saying I he has to meet his brother at 3.30, and I am taking him.

So begins the phone call, and the conversation that consists of me reminding him that there are two other’s involved in this, namely our children, one of whom requires picking up from school at the very same time.

“Oh, yeah.”

Followed by my enquiry as to what he may suggest happens with these two said children whilst I am delivering him to his pickup destination.

“Oh, yeah.”

Followed by me gently suggesting that he perhaps contacts his brother and renegotiates the scheduled meeting time.

Is 10.30am too early for a Gin & Tonic?

Managed to successfully collect offspring and deposit Grumpy into the hands of his brother, wave them off and head home.

Kids in bed at an appropriate time, Thelma & Louise on the DVD, a bottle of chilled dry white and all was well with the world.

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