Not having any clue as to what time Grumpy was to be returning home, as the information he had provided me was somewhat scarce, made it difficult to plan for the day’s activities.

So, I opted for not nagging the kids to get dressed. They could stay in their jarmies all day. Then I only had to think about the evening meal.

Twenty minutes before I inteded to commence preparations for the meal, Grumpy Pants rings, says “hello” and the phone promptly cuts out. Ugh. Still no idea what his movements are for the evening.

Just as I’m about to commence preparation of the evening meal, he finally gets through, and we have a discussion. We’re going to his brothers house for dinner. Aha, and I will be given this information when?

He cannot provide me with any further details as he does not know. How difficult is it to organise things like, say, a time, when I already know the date and address? Surely its not that hard?

He then informs me that he is not being dropped off at home, but will be going straight to brothers house, so can I come and pick him up from there. What is wrong with a little forward planning? Or even just a smidge of notice?

I ring brothers house, daughter answers, Mum not home.

Daughter rings back five minutes later, saying yes, dinner is on, bring a salad and be there soon.

Fabulous. Not sure that we even have salady things.

Whip up a garden

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