13 minutes past 7pm, my house

Sitting over my MUG of coffee this morning and see the headline in the paper Hospitals ban dads from filming birth

As with all articles that have something to do with parenting, I always read the first paragraph before deciding whether or not to nod in agreement, have a tanty and/or read on. This one I did, but only because I had received a phone call about the issue from the author of the piece a few days earlier and they sent a photographer out to take a photo of me, Chippie and an ancient video camera. A traumatic experience for all concerned.

Not surprisingly, the photo wsan’t published. Which I’m a bit relieved about, but also disappointed, as I like photos. I don’t have many with me in them, because I’m usually the one in peoples’ faces taking them and have a husband who doesn’t think to. I also held out grave hope that the photo would be acceptably nice and I could purchase a copy. Because that is what I do. Sadly, I am destined to remain forever ignorant of the “goodness” of the photo. Well, until I forget about it, at least.

Anyhoo, the article (which can be read here) resulted in a phone call from Network 10 and, more specifically, the 7pm Project

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  1. wow! my place went a little like this ready:0(

    come on leyts watch telly ok says hubs and little one.
    whats on i said paused at the 7pm project then heard “Amamnda cox” i said omg i now her
    hubs said huh? phone rang i left it ring lol… trying to listen yelling “shut up i wanna her what my mates gotta say complete silence then you said thankyou very much :-p

    so in peace & quiet now just watched it all again on my own xxx

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