13th June

What is wrong with the education system? Really!?

Yesterday was a public holiday – ok, so I’ll give them that, but begrudgingly. Especially as its only a week away from school holidays.

But to schedule a curriculum day the day after is just not on!! What do they think we parents are? Its just not fair to tease us with five days a week without the child, only to make us have them four days in a row!!!

Three days of school this week, Friday a short day “because its the last day of term” – then we have to have them for two bloody weeks straight!

Its not fair (stamping of feet).

And I did Monkey Boy’s homework, only to have finished it early, because the teachers have to have a bloody break from the kids.

Humph – they should try being a Mum for a year or two. That should fix ’em right up!

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