Oh dear! My appointments tomorrow. I have to get ready for it!!

Desperately needed the bikini wax, but no chance of getting one now! Thought, however, that I’d warm up with the underarm wax.

Stuck the was pot thingy in the microwave for the recommended 1 minute and 30 seconds. Which was, of course, never, ever going to be long enough to make it even warm, let alone melt it enough to rip obscenely long and neglected hair out from under my arms.

Stuck it in for an extra 3 minutes. That should work.


Took an hour to complete underam. Just the one. Aided by some commentary ..

… “what are you doing, Mummy? Why are you doing that? Why don’t you want hair there? But why are you doing it?” etc etc

Note to self: Do not attempt underarm wax in the presence of children.

Once (eventually) completed, I looked at the legs. Nope, no time, they can just stay like that!

Started on the bikini. Rewarmed wax. Stripped off to undies. Managed to cover undies in wax. Attempted to remove undies. Managed to rip out a couple of stray bikini hairs in the process.

(Does that hurt, Mummy? Why are you saying rude words, Mummy? Then why are you doing it, Mummy?)

Note to self: Under no circumstances, none what-so-ever, do you attempt to wax your bikini line in the presence of children!!!!!

Eventually completed the task at hand, showered, attempted to remove stray bits of congealing hot wax from now lopsided bikini line, down leg, from bathmat and between bum cheeks. No idea how it got there.

All ready for appointment tomorrow!

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