16th June

The School Report came home tonight. The ‘First One’, which was a little scary. Have I done OK? Did I make the right choice sending him to this school? Am I a ‘good mum’? Have I done enough reading with him? Am I spending enough time with him? Should he be doing more homework? Or less? How much input should I have in his homework? Should he have been an only child? Should I have had more children? Is my child going to grow up to be an axe murdere?

Oh, so much pressure!

It’s the first bunch or reports with the new system, where the kids are graded according to the average for their age – do they fit with the average, are they above or below – as opposed to the amount of work they put in & how well they’ve grasped the concept of their work. Or not. Just one more thing to get my head around. According to this system, a “C” means they are on a par with what they should be doing for their age. An “A” means they are ahead of the average expectations by about 12 months. Or something like that. So, getting a “C” is very good –

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