1st December

Monkey Boy’s birthday today, but I had a business breakfast to attend, so was not going to be home when he woke.

Battled with the whole “guilt” thing – why is this a job requirement for Mums?

(which brings me back to the whole ‘union’ thing again!!)

I did manage to meet him at the school gates to say happy birthday before heading off home to bake the cakes – yes, cakes – for his parties = yes, parties.

Family dinner tonight, and friends tomorrow.

I started with the chocolate butter cake – no point in the mud cake with Kaluha and dark chocolate (mmmmm, drool drool) for the school friends.

I discovered that the new cake making mixer thingy I have does not cater for a double mix of cake ingredients. Hmm, this is not good.

I also discovered that sifting cocoa into a cake mixer that does not cater for a double portion is not a good thing. Sifting cocoa results in a very, very fine cocoa dust that literally gets into everything. It “puffs” and goes everywhere. Except into the cake mix.

I also discovered that when you are covered in fine cocoa dust powder, your doorbell will ring.

“Hi, come in, I’m just making a cake.”

Well, duh!

Eventually managed to get those cakes (yes, two, our obsession with trains means we have to have a Percy

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