20 Questions, homework, not enough puters in the house!

Tuesday, one of the runny-around days.

Gymnastics with Godzilla. Grumpy decides he needs the computer to finish off his homework for school tomorrow.

An assignment on Tourette’s syndrome, which I am convinced he chose so he could walk around the house saying “fuckit” and “bullshit” and thinking he’s funny.

Spotted a plane on the way to gymnastics.

“Look at the plane Mummy. Is a big one.”


“Is going somewhere. Where is it going, Mummy?”

“Um, I don’t know.”

“Tell me, Mummy, TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Um, well I don’t know, maybe Sydney or Perth or something.”

“Is it going to the movies?”

What the … “Um, no, no I don’t think so.”

“Why not? Why is it not go to the movies?”

“Um they’re too big”

“No is not too big. Why is it not go to the movies?”

“Planes don’t like movies????”

Back home, lunch, kinder dropoff, “Mummy, you can’t leave me here”, convinced him that, yes actually, I could, and would. And then I did.

Back home to “discuss” who needed the computer the most. Lots of “fuckit” and “bullshit” but not sure if that was the Tourette’s or not.

Picked Godzilla up from kinder. Asked if he had fun – “no mummy, I was upset, and I cried because I missed you”, spoke to teacher, “yeah, all good, he had a great time” then “we locked him in a cupboard” she said, jokingly. Well at least I hope so (I will only allow that in my own home – no one else is allowed the fun of doing that)

“Nooo, you din locked me in a cupboard.”


“No I lock mineself in a cupboard.”

Ah ha.

Back home, dinner then wrote Grumpy’s assingment for him. Have issues with plagiarism.

And really, really wanted my computer back. This was the easiest, quickest way to do so.


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