2012 a Reflection, a Review and other Wanky Stuff

We’ve had a bunch of extended family hanging around the last week or so, in response to the Christmas Situation; i.e. that Christmas happens at all and the Mother-In-Law is not in the best of health, so it’s a good time for everyone to invade and enjoy each other’s company.

It’s been good, and I’ve spend a considerably number of days, scheduled into various activities from eating too much, drinking considerably, climbing trees where they offered both a “long black” and a “short black” run and where not a coffee was spotted at all! Most disappointed. Followed by more eating, more drinking and finally, after three months (make it nearly four months) hooking the bike thingy up to Grumpy’s bike so that Chippie’s bike could become sort of like a trailer.

I had grand plans for cycling the Bellarine Rail Trail, but Grumpy (sensibly) suggested we get him used to it first, so he had a tantrum about it, and we popped him on anyway and rode to the local park,

4 Replies to “2012 a Reflection, a Review and other Wanky Stuff”

  1. You’re continously making a difference to me! Your passion, your fury, and your amazingly good hummur as you deal with that which fires you up – well you make me feel good about myself and help me to validate my own reactions to things which make me angry/sad/happy/joyous.

    I wish you a 2013 that contains more of the good stuff, more of the challenges that inspire you, more adrenalin, and greatly reduced levels of ignorance and stupidity.
    Bring it on!

  2. bwahaha while I’m sure your “hummur” IS amazing, and lets face it, boobs are worth it, I did obviously mean “humour” 😛

  3. Oh, man, you haven’t seen all my hummur can do! LOL

    Thanks, chicks. Means a lot 🙂

    I’ve just gone and bought my diaries for 2013, so am a step … somewhere 😀

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