23rd June

Aaaghhh! Survived the first week of holidays. Although I’m not quite sure how???

Made muffins yesterday – took remainder of day to clean kitchen. I am still finding flour you don’t want to know where! Surprisingly, although the first lot were eaten immeditaely, we still have some left. This is good, because I am currenly using them as paperweights whilst we continue to sort through the boxes we have actually moved, so we have boxes we can use to move the rest of the stuff we still have to move. Which is lots.

Can’t think much about it now, though, as we have party to organise on Sunday night. Our last party before we move on. A little sad, but haven’t really had much time to think about it. What with the “Mummy, why isn’t Daddy going to work there any more? Mummy, where is Daddy going to work? Mummy, doesn’t Daddy like working there any more? Mummy, where is Daddy going to work? Mummy, is Daddy still going to be a chef? Mummy, when I grow up can I be a chef? And a train driver? And, Mummy ….?”

At what point do they get over the 20million questions stage?

And why doesn’t Daddy have to deal with it?

Did manage to get out for a leg wax today, though. For the party on Sunday night. This was nice. As far as leg

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