The Tidy Up continued, but in my ‘office’ today – where there still remained unpacked boxes from our house move (eleven months ago). Some serious filing needed doing too.

Unpacked and sorted box contents, allocted items and objects to rightful positions, created suspension files, colour coordinated of course, for the plethora of invoices, documents and other “for filing” paraphernalia …

.. oh, my … what is that on my desk? Its, euww, its POO!!! On my desk!

How the fuck did poo, POO, get on my desk?

And the floor? A lump of poo on the floor?

That’s disgusting – euuuuwwwwww. Both kids are well and truly toilet trained. I’m assuming Grumpy is too. We have no dogs.

Fucking POO.

Ah, no wait, its playdoh. FUCKING PLAYDOH!

That is it! The “no mixing the playdoh colours” rule is now officially out the window.

The “no more purchasing of playdoh” rule is being established, which will now officially include the “do not purchase my children playdoh as a gift”.

This rule will be punishable by death. Or, at the very least, a very severe tongue lashing!

Fucking playdoh!

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