29th June

Oh my goodness! I do no believe how much stuff a family can collect in the space of 10 years. Considering that for the first half of those 10 years the family consisted of two people. I think the other two, however, have contributed to most of the crap we have accumulated in the last 5 years alone!

We have spend the last 4 full days packing and moving things that we hadn’t already moved into the new place. The amount is unbelievable considering we fully furnished the new place, & filled it with “the necessities” 6 months ago. Where has this other stuff come from???!!!!

Monkey Boy went to a friends house on Tuesday whilst Godzilla was at childcare, & came home with a temperature. Friend was worried about him, but we figured he was just tired – back to that mother’s intuition thing, “Mah, he’ll be right, we’ve had a big week. Probably just tired. He’ll be fine.”

I always feel so bad when this happens. Not because I left him when he was possibly sick. Not because I ‘should have been there’, but because my friend has 3 kids & one of them is a tiny baby. So rang immediately to let her know about the temp

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