30 Day Lunchbox Challenge – DONE!

Today marks the official end of the Real Mums 30 Day School Lunchbox Challenge for March.

It was so much fun, we may very well do it again. Soon. One day ….

Firstly a BIG thank you to those who made the effort to participate in one way or another, including those whom, for various reasons, were unable to see the Challenge through to it’s conclusion.

Those that did make it were awarded a Nude Food Mover’s pack, including a variety of Nude Food Moving products to house all your school lunchy bits and more, and some vouchers from Baker’s Delight to … I dunno, buy bread for lunches or a heap of hot cross buns to eat when the kids are at school or something … or they

3 Replies to “30 Day Lunchbox Challenge – DONE!”

  1. WE ARE FREAKING AWESOME! In fact, any parent who manages to send their kids to school most of the time with some sort of sustenance to get them through the day is doing it well 🙂 I’ve picked up a few ideas from seeing what others do for their daily “bread”, so while there’s still going to mostly be plain sangas/yoghurt/fruit in those lunch boxes, there might also be the occasional fried rice, leftover baked vegies, tarnie toast, and even sushi as a special treat! Thanks Real Mums 🙂

  2. I think we eat with our eyes so the colourful Nude Food containers can make the most ordinary lunch look special.
    I agree kids like routine, mine have had a sushi roll every Thursday since kinder, but a ham and lettuce sandwich is most days staple.
    Was a good challenge to take part in, and I’m glad the 10 minutes it takes me to prepare their lunch every day might have given some inspiration to others

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