30 Day School Lunchbox Challenge – We're Halfway!

Hooray – we’ve made it to the Official Halfway Point of the inaugural Real Mums 30 Day School Lunchbox Challenge.

Am super impressed with the quick, easy, very doable, stress free lunches I’m seeing and am hoping you’re all feeling good about what you’re doing, cos you’re all doing freaking awesome!


Any feelings of Guilt?

Fuck it! What you’re doing is FANTASTIC, nutritious AND stress (and sanctimony) free. A Win-Win for all.

We’ve been sharing, daily, images on the Real Mums Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profiles if you need a little bit of inspiration each day.

But you look like you have it all handles – which makes me smile in the biggest way.

I’m, personally, buggering off for a few days, so please remember to use the hashtags

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