3rd June

Took Godzilla grocery shopping with me!

Well, I had to. Monkey Boy at a friends house & I haven’t been shopping since our trip for the Funeral (erm, 3 weeks ago now, whoops!). We were out of food before we left, so it was time.

It went exceptionally well – Godzilla doesn’t get to come very often, so it was a new & novel experience for him. Think he was bewildered by all the bright lights. And the fact that, despite being too big for the trolley seats, I’d managed to wedge him in anyway. Couldn’t move. So he was very well behaved.

Some poor other, unfortunate Mum, though, was having a terrible time with her 2 year old. The works – pulling food off shelves & trying to throw it in the trolley, screaming, throwing herself on the floor. And you should have seen the toddler. Shocking!

So as I walked past I gave her that sympathetic “I totally understand what you’re going through” smile, that secret smile that only Mums of toddlers understand. She kind of gave it back, then glared at me. I couldn’t work it out.

Then I realised, it had changed! My secret, sympathetic smile had turned into a GLOAT!! Wasn’t intentional or anything – just my kid was behaving (out of the ordinary) & hers wasn’t. Whoops.

And some other Dad was having similar trouble with his little one. Kid was sitting in trolley though – and Dad was clearly out of his depth. So I gloated at him, too. But some people really have no sense of humour at all. I happened to be standing next to a display of wooden spoons, just as his kid reached over, screaming, & pulled some chocolate biscuits off the shelf. Taking most of them with him.

So I grabbed a pack of 5 wooden spoons (only $2.99 – bargain!), held them towards the Dad (gloating, again) & said “Here, these should help!”

Surly bugger. I didn’t mean use them then!

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