Lions & Tigers & Bears … actually, no, just the lions. And little boys.

Today, and tonight, we have an amazing opportunity.

We’ve been invited – as a family – to see the new Lion King (which is pretty much the same as the old one, but in 3D, as far as I’m aware) in the fancy, schmancy Director’s Suite (Hoyts), followed by an overnight stay at the Zoo, courtesy of their Roar ‘N’ Snore thingy they do.

I was asked a few weeks back. I said “YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and then asked if I had to bring my own family, of if there was a nice one I could borrow for the experience.

Also, Chippie can’t sleep over, cos he’s too little, so we had to do some organising, then Grumpy was asked to work and it got crazy. But I was still going … regardless of whatever. I’ve been excited ever since.

Godzilla, on the other hand, repeatedly requested he be able to sleep over at a friend’s house that night, and was completely unaccepting of the fact he could do a sleepover any time, and oblivious to the fact that this was really frigging exciting!

Also, he’d clearly forgotten we are the Worst Parents In The World and this would be his only chance to see a movie in such style. At least, that is, until he can take me to one. And pay for it himself.

I’ve spent the last week trying to convince him:

  • he will not get eaten by a lion
  • or a chicken
  • the lions cannot get out of their cage
  • no, really, they can’t
  • none of the animals can
  • the zoo have spent a lot of time, money and effort ensuring the animals cannot escape
  • also, just in case, they have backup plans
  • but the animals can’t get out
  • not even the lions
  • especially the lions
  • no, the lion from Werribee zoo won’t make it to Melbourne zoo before they catch him
  • also, the lion from Werribee zoo wasn’t actually lose, it was just in a really big area surrounded by cages that you couldn’t see
  • because they are so far away
  • no, the animals are not let out of their cages at night to wander around the zoo of their own accord
  • because if they did that, then they wouldn’t have any zebras on show the next day
  • also, you’ll be safe because the lion would be so full of zebra that it wouldn’t be hungry enough to eat little boy
  • because lions eat zebra
  • I don’t know, they just do … they taste nice to lions or something
  • it’s just what they eat

That resolved … or not, we commenced the It’ll Be Fun, Trust Me conversation.

Followed soon after with the You Will Go And You Will Have FUN Whether You Like It Or Not! rhetoric.

And, finally, If You Don’t Shut Up About The Bloody Lions I’ll Feed You To Them Myself!

… which recommenced the whole conversation from the very beggining. Yes, a ten day long conversation.

Daylight savings alos appears to have done something weirdly crazy and is sucking great big chunks of time out of the day. Must pack and leave!

That’s what I’m anxious about!

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