The teacher, the brick wall and the epiphany

Disclaimer: I want to make it absolutely clear that I’m not having a go at schools, teaching or teachers. I’m not referring to teachers in general. I’m not even speaking about “most teachers”. I’m talking about an incident with a teacher, of whom I sincerely believe (and hope) there are only a handful of in this world. Well, I actually hope there are no others like her. This is not a rant about teachers nor am I criticising the profession in any way.

Monkey Boy

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  1. From the parent who took their child out of the class; I must say that I have a very happy little girls now. The battle is not worth it; nothing changes in that class. You were labelled for your parenting skills, I was labelled as an agressive, violent and angry parent just because I wanted her (the “teacher”) to stop my child from being bullied.
    All I can say is that life can get better once child is removed from that environment. MY thoughts are with you and Monkey Boy.

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