First day of school holidays.

Am exhausted already.

Course, didn’t help that we had two extras for a sleepover last night. Normally fine, but the last day off school always rings in some sort of Over-excitable Feralness along with it. No other day of the week does it, not even a normal Friday.

Just the last day of term.

Fortunately, my Grumpy Hormones were still surging through my system. So I ate the leftover pizza.

(Not home made – my Food Snobbery Hormones have seriously come into play, making all food taste revolting, unless, of course, it is dark chocolate imported directly from Belgium, and delivered personally to my door, or prepared by either Gordon Ramsay or myself, with only the finest food snob ingredients.)

One lot of kids went to bed at 9.00pm, the other two were still chatting and would not shut up till past midnight. Of course, the inevitable happened, the “early” sleepers rose somewhat before 7.00am, waking the later reposers, despite numurous warnings and yellings not to.

So, I made my lot finish the baby’s room and reorganise the kitchen for the remainder of the day.

There, that feels better.

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