Could things continue like this for much longer? Did I do something positively evil in a past life?

Or am I just having (another) bad day?

My office chair broke. The back just kind of went wonky.

Monkey Boy decided that he had to finish off his homework today. A construction of some sort. That required my assistance, because Grumpy Pants is incapable of assisting with homework without getting cross because Monkey Boy is “not doing it properly”, telliing Monkey Boy to “leave me alone” and to “go and play or do something else”, then doing the construction himself, upsetting Monkey Boy because its “not done properly” according to him!

How quickly can one organise a trip to, say, Mogadishu, where the tension is somewhat subdued in comparison?

Grumpy, therefore, decided to let me help with the homework, whilst he, kindly, went to the office shop to exchange the chair.

During which time, I managed to gouge a chunk out of my thumb on the sticky tape dispenser whilst trying to stick together the box being used for the construction of a diorama.

Grumpy returned and commenced building the chair.

I decided to go for a walk, to obtain some tissue paper for the construction. The newsagent was closed. Found a $2 shop open, and bought some (cheap) tissue paper.


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