6 to 8 weeks later

Much excitement and rejoicing when Grumpy Pants returned home from school dropoff / post office box run with a large box.

But … I’m not expecting anything, I think to myself as he dumps it on the floor and says “Here’s some more shit for you.”

Delightful he can be at times.

Hrmm. I wonder what it could be?

Imagine my delight when not the advised “2-4 weeks” later, but a mere 10 days later, I open the box to be awarded my much desired Best Birthday Present Ever! The one I loudly requisitioned some 10 days ago!

I posed for a couple of photos with her, because she is so awesome …

… and then I gave her a hug because she is so lovely and I can envisage lots of fun adventures with her …

In fact, I love her almost as much as I love the people who helped me to

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  1. Glad you got what you wished for and even happier i was able to contribute to help you get it. You definately deserve it!! 🙂

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