7 Reasons to Establish a Routine

School went back after a two week break in various states across Australia yesterday. Other states are still having their ‘holiday’, and this information is no less important.

For a loooong time, experts have touted the benefit of routine for babies and young children. Although some take this concept to extremes – either heavily routined or no routine at all – the gist of the concept is brilliant and worth taking not only into account, but into your life.

There is good reason for establishing routine early on, because even if you don’t believe you need one when the kids are bubs, you’re gonna need something by the time they go to school.

Routines are very good for:

  1. Making sure you have your coffee (or whatever your usual kick starter is) before you actually have to face the morning
  2. Knowing

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  1. What a great article! We love your LIST and we also love a routine. Totally agree the key to routine is to put everything back in it’s place…but often everyone has a different idea on what that place is.

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