7 Ways to Respond to a Tantrum

The internet is loaded with tips and advice on how to handle a toddler tantrum. We’ve taken all the hard work out of it for you and created a list of the Top Seven Ways to Respond to a Tantrum, based on the information we found from a variety of sources; experts, parenting sites and research.

1. Always ignore a tantrum

2. Never ignore a tantrum

3. Gently encourage a child to “use your words”

4. Never tell a tantrumming child to “use your words”

5. Distract the child with a toy, games or food

6. Never distract the child, especially with toys, games or food

7. Get down to their level/talk to them on their level

An important point on Tip Number 7; this is actually referring to their physical height (i.e. kneel down so you are eye-to-eye) and not the way they are behaving (i.e. do not lie on the floor, kicking and flailing your arms and screaming).

We trust this clears things up for you.


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