Oooh, yesterday was so much fun. We were in a corporate marquee, with bubbles flowing feely, and smoked salmon and prawns for lunch.

Mmmmm, I could do this again. Regularly.

Ah, but back to reality. Godzilla had creche photo day, but as he’s not nornmally at creche on Wednesdays it was a special trip in.

Eventually. After discussions, followed closely by tantrums, about which pants could go with which shirt.

Managed to convince him that the bright orange Hawaiian shorts did, in fact, not go with the red shirt.

I convinced him of this via the aid of chocolate. Specifically the reference to chocolate in relation to the benefits of doing what his Mummy tells him to do.

Fortunately, the bald spots from the scissor-testing incident were on the back of his head, and his fringe didn’t look too bad.

I think if I keep telling myself that often enough, even I’ll begin to believe it.

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