A Catalogue of Catastrophies

Sorry. I tried to come up with some other feline-themed cliche, but it I was incapable of coming up with anything other than the boringly standard cat-alogue and cat-astrophe.


It might be that whole wave, roller coaster, maze thing going on right now. The Bloody Cat, a.k.a. Biscuit, has thrown added another corner / loop, which has addled my think bag a little.

Anyhoo, a week ago, he threw himself in front of a car. Not with any suicidal tendencies. No. He just thought he could leap off the bonnet of one car and get across the road before the car coming up the road – the one that scared him enough in its approach that he felt the need to leap off a car bonnet and run into the house- could reach him.

He is, as I already knew, and hopefully he now knows, too, is nowhere near as quick nor coordinated as he likes to think he is.

Bloody Cat.

His back legs were run over by an unsuspecting and completely faultless driver, who stopped and extracted herself from the car, shaking and crying. Quite understandably.

This I hear second hand, as I was off educating myself, and graduating from a course I’ve been doing for the last 40 weeks. One thing off the list (ish), and another thing on it.

He was taken to the vet by Grumpy Pants, who was standing out the front when it all unfolded. Along with a friend and neighbour, who witnessed the whole thing. I’m kinda glad I wasn’t there.

Despite “de-gloving” one rear paw, and significantly grazing another, he had managed to come away from the incident without any breaks.

He did get a three day stay in animal hospital, and considerable expense, however.

He was allowed home on the Saturday, very sore and sorry for himself.

And very funny to observe …

Stubborn little bugger. It does look very funny though #laughinginappropriately #stupidcat

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From there, it has been a series of not-quite-catastrophic events.

A bandage change on the Monday, where we were advised we’d need to perform this routine every 3 days or so for … well, we’ll see …

Tuesday morning, and he’d managed to remove one bandage entirely, and made great attempts to chew his other leg off in an attempt to remove the other bandage; the one on his ‘bad’ foot.

A visit to the vet Tuesday morning, where there was discussion about possible amputation of one or both feet/legs. Things were looking purple and not good.

Back to the vet Thursday for his scheduled bandage change. There was talk, this time, of the wounds appearing to be healing well, albeit still quite a way off being healed. Amputation, at this point, appears to be off the agenda. Which is nice.

Aaaand …

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