A Dairy Nice Evening

Well over a week ago now I attended a delightfully lovely evening to do terribly important things like eat a lot of really, really scrumptious dairy based foods.

By which I mean, learn some very, terribly important things about the goodness of dairy foods; something I am well aware of and happy to plug wherever I can.

(Although, admittedly, I did get on my high horse about the health implications of excessive consumption of saturated fats, completely taking the content out of context and making myself look like an complete fuckwit – but if I can’t do that on at least a daily basis, when can I do it, huh? The upside is, much more was spoken of of the benefits of dairy than I think was intended, so that made me happy :))

I have done much previously in the realm of dairy, including but not limited to spending an afternoon in the kitchen at The Dairy Kitchen, and embarking upon a Road Trip with the Family, exploring various components of the dairy industry. Legendairy!

2015-05-05 19.33.08

There was lots I already know about dairy foods:

  • that it is the best source of calcium for the body, and the easiest way to get calcium into the body
  • it is very easy to get the 3-4 serves (depending on your age) that you require each day
  • that nowhere near enough children are getting enough dairy in their gobs every day
  • that this leads to an increased likelihood of broken bones, and issues such as osteoporosis later in life
  • that it is an amazing source of lots of goodly goodness!

Then there was stuff I didn’t know quite so much about, or hadn’t thought about:

  • chocolate milk is freaking awesome as a post-exercise drink, because of its goodly goodness
  • that instead of slicing up proscuitto and wrapping itaround bocconcini balls and jabbing a toothpick in to hold it all together, you can just wrap several balls (of the bocconcini kind) and some rocket in a whole slice of proscuitto and it kind of looks like a rice paper roll and is just as scrumptiously delicious, but in a very different way
  • pairing cheeses is a thing; and I was forced to wait whilst an amazing cheese platter where such items as blue cheese was paired with honey and figs, and triple cream brie was paired with fresh strawberries, and gruyere with plain potato chips …2015-05-05 19.42.40
  • if I make my usual ganache, except use milk instead of cream, and then mix a whole bunch of greek yogurt through it it is nothing like my usual ganache at all, but is still freaking delicious and makes a freaking awesome dip thing to dip things like strawberries, or pineapple, or your fingers, or your whole entire face intostrawberries and chocolate dip

I still have no issues getting my kids to eat dairy, and given how easy it is to do (with the exception, of course, of kids with intolerances, allergies, and sensory thingies) it makes me sad that so many kids are missing out on all dairy has to offer.

I’m not just talking about ice-cream either, but all the good stuff that it does inside your mind and body.

A dairy nice evening it was, indeed. I look forward to more … I was also thoroughly inspired by the event, and gave my very own highly nutritious and scrumptious dinner the following evening; influenced also by my current time constraints, desire for easy food, and although it looks simply like “Real Mums | Ice Cream for Breakfast, Cereal for Dinner” it is WAY more than that …

breakfast for dinner

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