A day trip to the beach

Grumpy pants thought, that a trip to the beach was the order for the day.

Another really hot one.

And we haven’t left the house for days.

We attempted to stock up on snacks to take with us.

Ah, chocolate. Hmmm, nothing else, due to all the chocolate in the house, we haven’t had room to put anything else, so I haven’t bothered purchasing anything.

Won’t take that with us. Too hot.

Gathered bathers, hats, towels. We even remembered sunscreen.

What I’d forgotten, and was reminded of when we got there, was that my legs had not seen the sun for, ooooh, years.

Not that I’m encouraging the art of sunbaking, what with the rates of skin cancer and all, but my legs were beyond white. They were beyond lilly-white. Beyond, even, alabaster.

They were nearing transluscent.

I was also reminded that they were well overdue for a waxing.

Smothered them with sunscreen. Smothered the kids with sunscreen.

Yes, another thing I was reminded of, my city slicker “we don’t have much to do with nature” kids. It was too sandy. And dirty. And the water tasted yucky. And it was too hot, then too cold.


So explained that the sand up their bum crack was all a part of the fun.

I was also reminded that, just because a wave breaks at my waist height whilst I’m holding the hand of a three year old, does this mean he is going to like it.

Especially when his head is around my waist height. Whoops.

Finally, I was reminded that I really need to start doing some excercise.

Firstly by my six year old, who asked me, very excitedly “are you having another baby, mummy?”

(He’s been on this train of thought for some time. He loves babies, hates that his brother gets into all his stuff, and hasn’t grapsed the concept that the former quickly becomes the latter.)

“Um, no.”

“You must be. Look at this” pointing to my abdominal region. “Look, you must be, look, look” he continues, grabbing at a roll of fat and jiggling it.


Then by my three year old, whom, as we were lying on the couch watching a DVD (you guessed it!), scantilly clad due to the heat …

“Hello, little mummy, little fat tummy, tummy.”

Right, that’s it. I start tomorrow.

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