A Family Day Apocalypse


Therefore, it is Family Day.

But not before there is debate about who is eating what for breakfast and I end up cooking. As I am physically unable to do a bacon and egg type breakfast (the only type of breakfast I am able to make) without some form of vegetable and we are totally out of tomato and spinach (the only two “some form of vegetable” I can include in a cooked breakfast) and Grumpy Pants is being somewhat stubborn about not making breakfast this morning, he is forced to drive to the shop-within-walking-distance to obtain such goods.

Then we have leftover chorizo from last night, so we include that and not bacon.

Anyhoo, we eventually head out the door, into sub-10-degree Celsius temperatures and I mutter stuff about “really needing to get the big kids some warm jackets”.

We have decided on Daylesford, as we are leaving the house closer to lunchtime than just-post-breakfast time, it is close-ish and there is a train there. An historical one. Grumpy, apparently, at some point promised Chippie we’d go on it. Again.

As we near Daylesford, the temperature plummets to just above zero degrees.

A.k.a. Blood Freezing!

We drive past the op shop to see if they have any warm jackets for bigger kids -and possibly Chippie, the only of our offspring to own a warm-enough jacket, which is

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