A Family Day Experience via Music Video

Ah, kids.

Aside from my lot being total city slickers and wearing goggles at the beach, they really have been spoilt in terms of movie special effects and the like.

Of course, they are subject to the horrors of being forced to watch those movies (sometimes even on video cassette!) of their parents’ era, complete with “crap effects” and stupid stuff like that.

They are also subject to more bum wiggling and twerking in music videos than we ever were, although, I do recall uproar about some music videos being far to sexual and nakedy when I was in my early teens and I never turned into a wanton whore or stripper, so, you know …

The morning started not with the usual whining about Family Day, but with a debate about what we were to see. Last week, we had planned to do an historic railway thing, but Grumpy was called to a quick job, so we stayed local and visited the Old Melbourne Goal instead. The music video thing at ACMI (Spectacle) as also planned for last week, but we ran out of time.

So, in order to retain calm and quell annoyance, we stated that we would do the historical train thing “next weekend” and we’d do the music video thing if Dad was called into his near-City job again.

Not, anticipating, of course that this job would fall on today. The average has been every 4-6 weeks or so, so weekly was rather unexpected. Unexpected is something you think I’d be totally prepared for now, but some things still slip through the gaping holes in my mind.

The music video thing it was; and we were subject to far less “Oh, my god! I can’t believe you had to watch stuff like that!” than I expected from the twelve-year-old. He, of the three of them, seems to be most empathetic to the poor quality of special effects in movies, and in the music we were forced to listen to in our youth, than the other two.

Grumpy Pants and I, however, revelled in the opportunity to relive the days of

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