A Family Fun Day

My day of work thwarted yesterday by need to have coffee with friend and discuss Christening cake for Chippie, and by the antics of two smallish boys intent on annoying the crap out of each other.

Of course, also not helped by fact I volunteered to run a friend to the airport at 4.30am. At least Chippie cooperated, waking me at 3.30 for a feed, leaving me enough time to remember to get dressed and have a coffee. I think I even managed to leave the house appropriately clothed.

My plans for a sleep in this morning were equally thwarted by my feeding Chippie in bed and Grumpy leaving him in there to sleep with me. I was under the impression that “co-sleeping” meant both parties of the “co” part actually slept. My drifting into unconsciousness was halted by a wriggling and/or crying baby, who then slept once I was wide awake, only to commence wrigging and/or crying the moment I drifted off again …

So, despite my desperate plea to be left alone to sleep, then do some work, neither happened. I gave up. And suggested a trip to the zoo.

What is the point in planning? What is wrong with spontenaity? We get to the zoo, can’t get into the car park let alone find a spot, so just head off to Healesville and it’s Sanctuary. Godzilla protesting the entire way because he wanted to go to the zoo, and had

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