A family trip to the coast

Visting family wanted to see the Great Ocean Road.

And why wouldn’t they? It’s spectacular and worth the visit.

And something we’ve done a few times, so know the kids can deal with it.

Grumpy working, we leave once he’s finished work, and the kids are picked up from school. Visitors have gone into the city for the day and, despite the best of intentions and yestserday’s trip to the City via public transport being incident free, today the trains are cancelled or something and they’re also late getting home

Eventually we set off, grown men and all children in one car and we two women in the other. Until we were packing the car and her eldest and mine decided they’d prefer to come with us.

And off we go. Grumpy, who usually has the small, 2-door runaround car informs me it is low on petrol, but we’ll make it to Geelong. I follow, as prefer not to think about it too much, and he has a tendency to go off on sightseeing tangents, so it’s best I don’t stress too much about where we’re headed.

I do ponder, confused, why we’ve passed Geelong and it’s not long after that I’m required to contact Grumpy to find out where the fuck we’re going, as the petrol light is coming on and I probably should do something about it very shortly.

“No worries,” he informs my cousin who did the phoning, takes a turn off, drives past a service station and we’re back onto what appears to be one of those roads that runs between two very small towns and offers no service of any kind. Not even a fruit stall

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