A Garage Sale

For those of you who subscribe to the roughly monthly, sanity saving, secret giving e-Newsletter, Reality Parenting, you will know that the Real Mums office, household and family are moving premises in the next few months.

If you read this Blog and the newsletter, you will also know that I am married to the most amazing man, who has a penchant for D.I.Y.

Usually, this involves a bread knife and a pair of pliers.

However, when it comes to moving house, he prefers to rely entirely on a 4×6 trailer. You know the one that most households own? Or that you can hire from the local service station?

One of those.


I wish I were kidding.

Also, he has decided that I “have too much crap”.

So, we came to a compromise … I get rid of some of my “crap” and he will not resort to a teensy trailer, two plastic grocery shopping bags and a paper clip, but will also look at hiring someone who does removals as a job. Complete with the appropriate truck.

This “crap” that he speaks of is a bunch of Real Mums Shop stock that I still have in my possession, cluttering up my office space (which, at the moment, is situated in the corner of a living area and also houses some extreme LEGO City configuration and has an entire LEGO railway system running through it).

I’ve also promised I won’t be ordering any more stock.

Which makes me a little sad, on one hand, but also enables me to focus on providing many more practical, stress relieving and sanity saving resources for

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