A giant adventure

Oh much joy and excitement this morning, as the Grumpy one and I synchronise our movements to work out who is doing what and when.

A big deal this morning, as we are collecting the keys for the “new” house, which we shall be renting until we decide what the fuck we’re doing.

Ah, there is nothing like living in the Land of Limbo for the mental health of a self-confessed (and other-described) Control Freak. I’m working with it.

Thus, Grumpy Pants attended the pre-schooler gymnastics class, whilst I packed a couple of boxes. Literally. Two. I thought I’d fit more of my office bookshelf in fewer boxes, but … well, there you go.

And I organised a few other bits and pieces.

We have three weeks. We’ll be ok. Says Grumpy Pants repeatedly. Meanwhile, my chest constricts and I really, really want to have faith in him, but it’s just, well, unlikely given work commitments, children, school and associated commitments, and a business … Et cetera.

We collect the keys, and the condition report. We glance over it as we drive to the property, which we have been told has been lived in for the last 40 odd years by the same family (couple, woman). That everything on the report indicates that everything is “clean / working /undamaged” both confuses and delights us. You see, when we looked at the property, we’d been advised it had been empty for a few months and that settlement had just occurred. The house was dusty, dirty, the oven didn’t close properly, and there were a few stains and burn marks (from a wood heater – hurrah – erm, except we’re just moving into warmer months – bugger) and door knobs missing or falling off.

So, we figured, given the excellent recollection on the report that all of these issues had been fixed. Impressive, given they only had five days in which to do it all. And I really hadn’t thought some of the stains would come out of the carpet, and I really, really didn’t think the carpet had been replaced. There was a lot of carpet.

We had been advised that contract cleaners had been through – but still, there was a lot of good stuff on the report that definitely hadn’t been there last Thursday.

As it was, when we entered the house, it appeared that both the contract cleaners and the agent who had checked the condition of the house had been to the wrong house!

The bathroom was filthy (I mean, I don’t mind my own mould, but when it’s someone else’s, I just can’t handle it and I feel nauseous), the carpet might have had a vacuum dragged over it, but not when it was turned on, and the stains and wear, tear, and burns still there. The oven door still did not close. Nor had it seen a cleaning cloth.

My heart dropped. I’d been feeling so excited about the move, but now … urk.

Phone calls and emails to the agent had the promise of someone actually coming through to clean. Which means we lose a week of moving time.



Feeling blah and frustrated, I had the delight of collecting the children early from school. So I didn’t. I organised for them to ride home on their own.

Then we head off to a blogging thing, affording me the title, again, of Best Mum in the World (for the moment) to preview Skylanders Giants!

This is a process whereby we are to hear about the game, its features, what’s new, how it works with the “old” version and the opportunity to experience.

What actually happened, because kids were allowed to come, was we listened to some of the above, which was constantly interrupted with questions about when the kids could get their hands on a game (by the kids) and requests for lattes (by their mums) and then the kids got a go and by the time they were ready to come off, they weren’t ready and plugs had to be pulled and none of the mums got a go.


Anyhoo, it is coming out in October this year, and there are new characters, complete with figurines, and bigger worlds and more things in each world to combat in each new world. The rule of being able to access an area according to your “element” applies.

It still has that brilliant (I think) ability to switch players by removing/replacing a figuring on the Skylanders Portal! Only there are now more to play with … yay!

The new Skylanders Giants game can be played using the portal you already have, but you need a new game disk thingy, and the old Skylanders will be able to play on a new portal, if you don’t already have one.


I was more interested in the delicious food on offer. That’s just how I roll.

After Chippie ate a fishbowl full of jellybeans and the older two had suitably stuffed their faced with food and minds with new Skylanders, I drove them all home to the tune of “Can we get it, Mum?”

I did divert past the “new” house, because they were so desperate to see it.

Still mortified at

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