A Gifted Smart Arse

The best laid plans of mice and men, I’m sure, go much more to plan that that of a mother running her own business.

My gleaming new To Do List sits on my desk, beside my MUG, waiting in anticipation for some much needed attention, whilst my well-educated-on-the-fending-for-self front helped themselves to breakfast and doing their various, before school tasks, like unstacking and restacking dishwashers and putting their lunch in their bags.

I pay my List fondly, coveting the moment I would be able to attend to it.

The morning went to hell when I heard Monkey Boy screaming “leave me alone”, Godzilla giggling in a sublty evil tone, Monkey Boy screaming and yelling about being left alone some more, me yelling “Leave him alone” and Godzilla replying with “I’m not touching him! I’m just combing his hair!”

(Monkey Boy has shoulder length curly hair -combing it is akin to giving a grown man a bikini wax …. just sayin’)

It went downhill from there, and Monkey Boy’s “forgetting” of things only reinforced

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