A good excuse …

Late night for me last night.

And was awoken at ridiculous hour again.

Grumpy opted to sleep in, whilst I maneouvered my temper around the goings on of two overtired children.

Namely, that Godzilla looked at Monkey Boy’s train tracks, Monkey Boy then looked at Godzilla, leading to all out war, tears and a screaming Mummy.

Then it occurred to me – here was my excuse to get out of the house and go for that walk I’d been putting off for, oh, um, well long enough to provide a roll for my boobs to sit on.

Woo hoo!

And it was an excuse Grumpy couldn’t argue with!

Now, how long can I reasonably disappear for, without it appearing obvious that I’m just trying to get out of dealing with it all?

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