A good morning

I should have known it was going to be a good day, when Godzilla woke up being a cat and squeaking. Constantly. Unremittingly.

Completely forgot. Not Valentine’s day, but a teachers strike, no school.

So had to drag Monkey Boy to swimming and coffee and around and back to swimming. Lucky he likes swimming. And going for coffee and lording over Godzilla’s friends.

It was mostly ok, except for the bored, tired bit at the end of the day, where, in feral moods, they decided waving teensy billiard cues from some dodgy $2 game that someone bought for them, casting spells on each other.

Several “stop pointing it in people’s faces” later, they were still going, so I resorted to “do it again and you lose it”, which has a lot more appeal, if they could be bothered hearing it.

And when it was my face having a wand waved in my face and spells being cast at me, well, that’s really not on and something must be done.

I removed the “wand” from Monkey Boy’s hand, waved it at him and said “get in the bathus” – the Get in the Bath Charm.

“Huh. You don’t know what you’re doing. That didn’t work.”

So I gave it another go, smacked him on the bum with the “wand” as he walked off, and cast the charm again “Get in the bloody bath now!”

See, it did so work. You just have to know how to do it properly.

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