A good tactic or insanity?

School Holiday Boredom has well and truly set in.

“He’s is annoyning me” the littlest one informs me, when I secure his wildly flailing arms, being used to torment his bigger brother.

“I’m NOT!!!” is the, totally anticipated, response.

“He won’ let me smack him.”

Hmmm, fair enough, then. That would annoy me, too.

Forunately (??) we had a need, yet again, to pop into local, massive shopping centre for a birthday present for a party this weekend.

So, as punishment – the kids for being bored, and Grumpy for being grumpy – I made them all come with me. Headed to toy section, making sure Grumpy was along for the ride, then pretended to be really busy checking out toys appropriate for 5 year old boys and letting Grumpy deal with the fer … I mean, children.

Then I made him take them to the book shop, as we were still in need, apparently, of “Captain Underpants” books, while I went off to look at ….. something else. Anything else, really.

Met them at Gloria Jeans for a coffee, where Monkey Boy was happily

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