A jump to the left …

I don’t like change much. Especiallly when it is out of my control.

I tend to hang on to the way things are. Stubbornly.

I also really hate it when I am forced to change my mind about something. Especially when I’ve said it out loud. You know “I’ll never leave Melbourne. I love it!” – comments like that.

I know a lot of that comes from my upbringing and having

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  1. I can understand completely!
    When I turned 30 my “jump to the left” was quite literal – I moved from Melbourne to Adelaide because I HAD to get away from everything that had been making my life miserable to that point.
    There is nothing quite like a fresh start to inspire optimism, to get the juices flowing, to clear the head, and to challenge EVERYTHING. It was a massive decision to make but, like you, once I’d actually made the decision it was like a cloud had lifted.
    I wish you a period of chaos and confusion, a stressful move, then peace and calm 😉


    Except that you need to do what you need to do.

    I have the unfortunate predisposition to crash before I rise from ashes, too. It takes an emotional meltdown for me to realise how unhappy I am.

    I will also NEVER leave Melbourne.

    But I am moving further and further east and south and maybe even north….

  3. I did that, after 6 years of long distance relationship with my then boyfriend (now husband), I up and moved to Melbourne – after many times saying I would never leave the Gold Coast again.

    Best thing I ever did, also terrifying.

    I hope your move is successful.

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