A little bit of feedback for Telstra

As you are all well aware, I was without an Internet service or home/land line in my new abode for very close to three months.

This was, as I’ve already stated, not a great deal of fun-ness for anyone, and of considerable stress, especially when one is doing their damndest to run an online business and manage two blogs, which, funnily enough, all require stable Internet access.

Anyhoo, I’ve had my whinge and bitch about that several times now, but something I was asked continuously throughout the process, with every interaction I had with someone at Telstra whether it by via their live chat, over the phone, me calling them, them calling me, Twitter, Facebook, in store etc was “Can you please let us know how we went.”

Once sorted and back online, indeedy I declared “Damn right I will!”

Except, at least in the online options for providing feedback, a ‘click the box’ kind of survey, there was only one question – ONE – and that was “Based on your experience with Telstra, would you recommend us to your family or friends?”

(Or something close to that, apologies if I didn’t get it word for word.)

There was also an option to provide a very short reason as to why.

I gave them a

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