A Long Weekend Labour of Love


Awoke with a throat that felt as though and army of sharply clawed rodents had been on some sort of exploratory dig in there.

Grumpy Pants farewelled me and I dragged myself out of bed, to be confronted with yet another reminder, as I had received approximately 47 times each day for the last 7.3 weeks that the Open Day at the Newport Rail Worksheds was on.

Unable to determine which devil was worse; staying at home with three kids, feeling as I did, or going to this open day thing, feeling as I did, I just piled them in the car and set off. Eventually … it took some time for anyone to listen. Longer because I just didn’t care.

Arrive at Worksheds.

Open Day is on Sunday and Monday.

Give Monkey Boy a look, contemplate doing a largish grocery shop. One that doesn’t rely so much on items that need refrigeration. Instead, go home and collapse on bed and pretend I am Nirvana.

The kids go outside, build a Cornucopia, from the

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