A lovely day for a brisk walk

Still in total shock and disgust about my Christmas Holidays weight gain, I’m taking every opportunity I can to walk.

As I am alone with smallest one all day, I also generally take this opportunity to just completey write the day off as a train wreck and feel extraordinarily grateful and pleased with myself should I acheive anything at all.

This morning, I managed to eat all my breakfast. Without even having to share any.

Walked to school and back again to ditch the older two kids, home and put bubs to bed and managed a couple of solid hours work. Feeling pretty chuffed, actually.

So chuffed that when Chippie awoke and we’d consumed our lunch, I figured we’d just “pop up the street” for some much needed milk. We were all out of skim (have I mentioned pre- and post-Christmas fat stores?), thus

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