A mish mash of mumly duties

Racing around like an idiot – with MUG in hand, thankfully!

Remove yesterday’s undies from jeans before putting them on, locate freshly ironed jacket, whack on some makeup and blow dry seriously overdue-for-a-cut hair.

“Model” self for family, who are ever so supportive. Chippie says “URG!” and throws some Vegemite toast at me, Monkey Boy and Godzilla proceed to beat the crap out of each other with invisible lightsabers and Grumpy looks squarely at my boobs and informs me my “ensemble looks nice”.

A taxi arrives to pick me up, which does make me feel somewhat special, and respond with “Oh, yeah, um …” when Grumpy asks me what the kids are taking to school for lunch today. Arrive way too early, and don’t know what to do with myself, sitting in a room with “Kerry Anne Kennelly” written on the door, left alone with access to a coffee machine.

Read paper and watch the spiffy telly in the room, without anyone coming and stealing my toast or yelling at me that they can’t find their shoes that they’ve just tripped over.


Miked up, whisked into darkened studio, plonked in front of extremely bright lights and told to look into the camera lense.

All done, taxi waiting to drop me off at home.

Arrive home, Grumpy walking out the door, starting work early today.

Which means I get to do play group duty. Not happy about being “all dolled up” for the group. Tossed on “mum” shirt, change from heels to boots.

In hindsight, probably shoud have stayed as was.

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